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The best Holo Nail Polish by Color Club

So I work with my hands pretty much everyday and for the most part I just keep my nails painted clear to avoid walking around with tacky chipped polish. I rarely paint them anymore but when I saw the color “Miss Bliss” (pink holo) by Color Club I just had to have it. The nail polish is what’s called a “holographic” polish, basically the glitters reflect multiple colors when hit with light. It looks like a metallic pink when you’re in indoor lighting but the moment you step outside it looks like your fingers have been painted with unicorn shit and who doesn’t like unicorns? Also it makes me want to go outside just so I can stare at my own hands and these days I need more reasons to get out and get me some Vitamin D.

I really love holo polish and they have a variety of colors that are equally as amazing. You can find them for $10 a piece on


You can also save $20 and buy this 6pc set from amazon for $40

Buy the 6pc set on Amazon HERE

Colors from left to right: Eternal beauty,  Miss Bliss, Cosmic fate, Kismet, Over the Moon, Beyond

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