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Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So I followed the video below (above the footnotes) with it's included recipe. I added lemon zest and  there are plenty of other footnotes you should read before attempting to make this recipe. I made it 3 times before I got...

The Doggy Motel

So I think now I can officially call myself a crazy dog mom. She’s spoiled and I thoroughly enjoy doing it! I spent about 4 to 5 days making this unique doggy motel, mostly because of the time it took for things to dry. I drew inspiration from The Pink Motel (for the sign and outside) and the Beverly Hills Hotel for the inside. I absolutely adore their banana leaf wallpaper and their pops of pink everywhere. I learned a lot during the process of making this and there are definitely some things I would do differently next time. If you want to take a go at making your own doggy motel, I only hope my design is a reference point and you put your own personal spin on it. Here’s a list of every single tool and product I used along with the project cost to complete a doggy motel.

Vegan Panda Express Sweet Fire Chicken Recipe

So I’m not exactly vegan but I’m working my way there. I absolutely love Chinese food! Sweet & sour chicken, sesame chicken, orange chicken and I’m pretty sure you guessed by the title of this blog Panda’s Sweet Fire Chicken. It’s a challenge to leave behind dishes you really enjoy as a non vegan but it makes it 10 times easier once you find something to replace that craving of meat with. For me Cauliflower has changed the game, I can pretty much make all these dishes and replace the  “chicken” with a battered cauliflower. I honestly enjoy it even more than I did before. So I’m going to give you a recipe for how I make my vegan version of Panda’s “Sweet Fire Chicken” it’s really simple and easy to make!

Daenerys Game of Thrones season 7 White Coat

So as soon as I saw Daenerys winter coat in season 7 of Game of Thrones I just new I had to make it. Michele Clapton was the costume designer and her work is phenomenal! I have never worked with fur and this is actually the first full length jacket I have ever made. I knew I was crazy for attempting this but I’m that determined and I’m that crazy that I did. I spent a week working on this jacket and I mean almost every day from the time I got up until the middle of the night, until damn near dawn. I was exhausted, my fingers were sore and my entire place was covered in fur, by the way it is 100% fake fur. When I completed the jacket I vacuumed my place everyday for a week and there was still traces of fur. The coat is so bad ass and it was worth all the blood sweat and tears. I literally had nose bleeds from fur getting into my nose!

Regrettably during the process I didn’t take too many process photos, this first jacket was such a learning experience for me and there are so many things I would do differently. I’m hoping to make another one soon with some improvements but for now the few of you that may want to attempt this on your own I’ll offer some tips and ways to approach.