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Foodie Link Charms


These handmade charms feature a split ring strap and can be programed easily to open any link you wish, with the tap of a phone.

These charms are compatible with any device that can read NFC. They work on iPhone 10 or later (almost all androids) no need to install any other app to share your info with another person as long as they have a NFC compatible phone. The charm can be rewritten with a new link (iPhone 10 or later) For iphones 6,7,8 you will need an app that reads nfc to read the charms.

Item can take 2-5 days for production as it is handmade. Domestic shipping is free and comes with tracking.

Please make sure to put the link you wish to add to the charm in the order notes at checkout in case you are unable to write the charm yourself.

See the charms in action:

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